My little buttercup has the sweetest smile!

Chevy, Martin, Short… Three big names in comedy star in the gem The Three Amigos! As you can assume, this movie is filled with laughs and it starts right from the beginning.

After Carmen visits town and is unable to find help to stop El Guapo. She sees The Three Amigos in a silent film and believes only they can help stop him. Unfortunately for her, she is unaware that they are just Hollywood actors portraying horsemen and telegrams them for help. This is the first of many “misunderstandings”

The Amigos, Lucky, Dusty, and Ned, try to negotiate their contracts with Harry Flugleman, the head of Goldsmith Pictures, and end up being tossed out of the studios literally shirtless! This is where they receive Carmen’s telegram and devise the plan to steal their costumes to head to MEXICO!

When they get into town, they are thought to be a group of men to meet with a German gunslinger who just shot up the bar. They think everyone knows them because of their films and sing the best song every performed…

As the movie goes on, they do not realize what is really going on and when a situation arrises, they compare it to a movie they made.

Once they figure out what is really going on, they plead for their lives and are run off. This is where the Ned decides enough is enough and it is time to stand up for themselves. Time to start being The Three Amigos… “Men or Mice? What’ll it be?”


A Gentlemen’s bet! HuZZAH!

The Tale of the Tape:

Louis Winthorpe III and Billy Ray Valentine vs. Mortimer and Randolph Duke

Having lived a privileged life, Louis, more commonly referred to as Winthorpe by the Duke brothers, has not encountered much adversity and runs the commodities firm for the Dukes. After Billy, a con man from the streets played by Eddie Murphy, knocks over Winthorpe, Dan Aykroyd, and goes to hand back Louis’ briefcase, he freaks out saying he is being mugged and calls for the police, a harmless action misinterpreted.

Billy runs around with the briefcase through the ritzy restaurant where the Duke brothers see him being arrested and come up with a wager: Billy can run the company just as well as Winthorpe

Billy tries to act all hard for the guys who are harassing him by stating he is a black belt and he is just waiting for his ladies to bail him out of jail.

The Duke brothers pay for Billy’s release and tell them of their intensions and setup Winthorpe to be arrested! BUM BUM BUM!

This starts his downward spiral to get back Billy after hitting rock bottom

Billy and Winthorpe devise a plan that makes them rich while bankrupting the Duke brothers and insert a HILARIOUS train sequence that involves interspecies relationships with a gorilla and boom! You got yourself a comedy, “Right BILLY RAY?!”



“Oh see, I made Louis a bet here. Louis bet me we both couldn’t get rich and put y’all in the poor house at the same time, he didn’t think we could do it. I won.”

“I lost… ONE dollar!”

“Thank you Louis.”


“I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!”

Imagine you’re on a date and just leaving the midnight showing of Skyfall. It’s dark, cold, and you’re walking to your car. As the crowd disperses, a few men start walking behind you as you walk across the empty parking lot. As you get closer and closer to your car, you notice the group is walking faster and getting awkwardly close to you two and your car is the only one is sight. As you go to open the door they push you against the car and demand for you money and pull out a knife. You fumble and pull out your cash, dropping it on the ground. There’s a whoosh of material and sound of struggle. You look up and the thieves are on the ground writhing in pain. You notice in the corner a dark figure and you lock onto eye starring back at you. You turn your head to look at your date and next thing you know, whatever was there is gone. Could it be? Is it really? I had to be… Batman…

Batman originally appeared in the 1930’s and was known to have the comedic “BOOM! POW” with Adam West. Tim Burton’s Batman now takes a darker spin filled with Prince being played in the background and sets up the Batman Anthology that ran into the late 90’s.

If you’re looking to find the backstory of how Batman is developed, this isn’t the movie for you. You are immediately immersed into action with the bad guys fearing “The Bat!”

Bruce Wayne may look like a pushover, but rest assured, this glasses wearing, tuxedo sporting millionaire has deep hatred in his blood for those evil-doers and his solution is a  glove covered back fist! Played by Michael Keaton, who starred in Gung Ho and was fresh from another famous Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice, had the right attitude and innocence to pull of the role.

Jack Napier, who is turned into Joker, is played by Jack Nicholson. Being known more for his role in The Shining, Nicholson is able to play the nuisance role superbly

Accompanied by the BEAUTIFUL Vicky Vale, Kim Basinger, this movie is able to not only pit Batman versus Joker to save Gotham, but the damsel in distress. Just like all the movies from the 80’s, this one has the potential to make your night at home just as nostalgic.

Make sure to check this out and see what inspired the Batman Animated Series.


The Original Hangover

This is the decade Tom Hanks explodes onto the screen! Just fresh from his first major role in Splash, Tom stars in Bachelor Party. Far before The Davinci Code and The Hangover, Hanks plays Rick, a light hearted, rebellious, immature party boy looking to blow off some steam for the last time with his buddies before tying the knot.

(Cannot believe it has been 28 years since this came out!)

Just like any good group of friends would do, they deny he is getting married and once realize Rick is not joking, decide the only right thing to do is throw an epic party!

In a time where movies were not known to crude humor, this Bachelor Party breaks the mold with perverted, cheap slapstick comedy making this movie is definitely a must see!

Just like we all know in any relationship, Rick must deal with Debbie’s parents and her overbearing ex-boyfriend. Oh in-laws! Rick is despised for being his “charming” self a  bachelor party, this party is constantly having some sort of twist and turn, starting off with hookers being sent to Debbie’s party. Add Chippendale dancers, drugs, booze, and a horse and you got a party you should have RSVP’d to.

Time for a glass of “Man Up”

As awesome as this movie is to get you pumped to take control of the mat with awesome training montage music from Foreigner, Journey, Sammy Hagar, Red Rider and REO Speedwagon, it is a sports movie with a weak sappy love subplot. Directed by Harold Becker, known for such films as Taps which starred a young Tom Cruise, Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn, Vision Quest is a movie for the athlete and not for a cozy date night.

Louden Swain, Matthew Modine, is not just a high school athlete trying to survive his senior season, he is trying to make a name for himself by finding who he is and by doing the unthinkable, beating Brian Shute, who is the top wrestler in Washington and revered like a God. This is not just about a kid growing up, it is his vision quest.

Having wrestled a majority of my time in high school, I instantly loved the movie. I can still remember the stale smell of sweat and rubber mats. The movie starts off with slow pan of Louden jumping rope in soaked sweats. The coach starts the typical “Win one for the Gipper” speech for the beginning of the season, you know what I’m talking about if you ever played a sport.

Louden must first beat the best wrestler in the 178 pound weight class, which is Kuch, in order to wrestle Shute. In order to do so, much drop a significant amount of weight which is a struggle any wrestler can identify with.

After school, practice, and running all day, he is harassed by a male guest at his night time job at a hotel. Then starts his run back home.

Along his journey, Carla, Linda Fiorentino, crashes at his place. This is where Louden’s innocence is apparent and the love part begins.

Insert the first live performance by Madonna and you got yourself a half baked romance!

After the whole romance thing is done, it is now time for Louden to take on Shute. Cue Red Rider’s Lunatic Fringe and watch the madness begin.




80’s Breakdancing meets Kung Fu


The Last Dragon

Who doesn’t like Kung Fu movies, romance, 80’s music and Bruce Lee? In this adventure, “Bruce” Leroy Green, the quirky socially awkward teenager, is trying to become the ultimate martial arts master who searches for the mystical “Glow.”

Early on, Leroy is harassed by Sho’Nuff, the clearly well dressed martial arts master, and his cohorts in a movie theatre located in the rougher part of town. The scene is a bit far fetched with everyone talking, throwing popcorn and at one point, break dancing! A huge fight ensues with movie goers taking on Sho’Nuff. They try the typical one on one scenario, only to decimated by quick blows for Sho’Nuff is “the baddest Mo’Fo no doubt in this town!” Leroy having enough jets in the chaos.

Of course, Leroy just so happens to save Laura, the host of 7th Heaven the place to be for rad music and newest freshest moves, after goons try to kidnap her because Laura turned down an offer from Eddie Arkadian.  Just like any good Kung Fu movie, Leroy lays the smack down in typical neck chopping elbow striking fashion to save the day! This scene could not complete with a cool and collected hero taking care of his defenseless woman.

Eddie then has Rock, his head henchman, successfully lure Laura from the 7th Heaven studio into a mobile truck and kidnaps her while Leroy meditates on a crate. Seriously? Enter the cheesy PSA about getting into cars with strangers. Of course, Rock drops a clipboard with Eddie Arkadian productions slapped on front of it. Leroy dawns a ninja costume and breaks into Eddie’s apartment beating up everyone in sight only to have Eddie get the drop and take off Leroy’s mask, surprise surprise! You can beat up a group of thugs, but a fat balding man can get the drop on you!
This compromises his secret identity, allowing Eddie to track him down. OH NO! Eddie then hold a tryout for the scummiest men in Harlem. Okay okay, some guy barks and bangs breaks a table with his head. A bit ridiculous but totally necessary for this movie to be authentic! After Eddie pieces together his team, he approaches Sho’Nuff to take care of Leroy and kidnaps not only Laura, but Leroy’s brother Richie. Gasp! This leads to the ultimate epic battle between Leroy’s ragtag dojo and Eddie’s goon squad. Yes, a little kid opens a can on a few grown men, allowing the two masters to go at it.
Having enough, Leroy final reaches the ultimates level, enter horrible CGI and watch him pick apart Sho’Nuff.
This film is a much see for the awesome break dancing, round house kicks, teased hair and neon colors. Mix in a few “WAAAAAHS!” and enjoy!