1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

    1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. 

In the 1980’s there was a huge volcanic eruption that happened at Mount St. Helens. St. Helens is a volcanic mountain located in Washington state and it was one of the only volcanic eruptions that happened in the United States since 1915 (Lassen Peak, California). After the eruption happened, there was a series of earthquakes that occurred for the next three months from the volcanic magna that was under the earth’s surface. Before the eruption the United States Geologic Survey (USGS) scientists convinced local authorities to make sure that the mountain was completely evacuated before the eruption occurred and doing so saved the lives of thousands that were on the mountain before it erupted. It’s great that the scientists urged authorities to keep the area evacuated and closed despite the pressure from the public to reopen it; otherwise the damage could have been much worse.


After the volcano erupted there was eruption column that rose 80,000 feet above the volcano into the atmosphere. An eruption column is basically volcanic ash that gets emitted during an explosive volcanic eruption and the ash forms a column rising many miles above the top of the volcano. This creates basically an atomic bomb of ash everywhere; it fills the sky with ash and there’s nothing that can be done about it. The volcano had a huge impact on the mountain, wildlife, and the landscape around it. Unfortunatly the volcano killed roughly fiftey seven people and the ash and magma has changed the surrounding landscape. The eruption also caused volcanic mudslides that reached as far as fifty miles because the heat of the volacano caused the snow, ice, and glaciers on St. Helens to melt. The area is now preserved as as the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Recently Mount St Helens looks like a big snowy mountain but underneath is hot magma that is growing. Scientists are able to keep a eye on St Helens with all of their up-to-date sensors and readings that they have and can predict if St Helens is in danger of erupting once more.  75513-004-A5C27F0A

1980’s cars

The 1980s was a great decade for cars and looking back it’s clear that there were many groundbreaking cars that started to come out.  These included the BMW 5 series, Honda Civic CRX, and Ferrari F40 and these cars might go fully unappreciated today, but their inventions in cars such as these are what broke the barrier of the newest cars today.


The top 10 cars of the 80’s are:

  1. 1985-1992 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z
  2. 1984-1991 Audi 5000
  3. 1981-1992 Toyota Cressida
  4. 1981-1984 Nissan Maxima (810)
  5. 1984-1985 Ferrari 288 GTO
  6. 1984-1996 Chevrolet Corvette (C4)
  7. 1983-1988 Ford Thunderbird
  8. 1984-1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E
  9. 1986-1989 Hyundai Excel
  10. 1986-1992 Mazda RX-7


These cars were not only the most popular and most driven back then, but also helped form the cars that followed. For example, the Ferrari GTO was not only one of the most like but is still very popular model. The Ford Thunderbird is an iconic car that is known for its speed and stability, and the Mercedes Ben 190E helped Mercedes revolutionize their cars. All of the car companies on the list are still very actively making cars and remain popular with people even today. It depends where you were at the time but for if I was a teenager in the 80s, getting my license or permit at fourteen or fifteen, I would imagine I would want a Thunderbird for its reputation.


It is hard to say exactly which car was the ultimate best car for the 80’s however, in my opinion, you could not have gone wrong with the Ferrari f 40. It was built in 1987 and might not have ruled the entire 80’s but certainly made a huge impact when it first came out. This model was made for Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and they did a great job at making it. When it first came out it was $400,000 although there were people that ended up paying over a million dollars in order to obtain one of these cars. Overall there was a lot of great cars in the 80’s and they all laid the groundwork for subsequent models to turn into the nice revolutionized cars that we have today.

Tennis of the 80’s



Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 1.19.17 PM

In looking at sports in the 80s I found that tennis was a lot different from tennis today what they ware was different and what they played with was different too the started off playing with these tennis shorts that are really high up and a regular whit collard shirt. No a days they play in all different types of clothing there are certain mandatory clothing for certain events some require all white and some only half white clothes and other half at least some what tennis like.  Also the tennis shoes have completely changed the technology of today has made tennis shoes in a completely different way they grip and do everything that tennis shoes do but they have figured out a way to make it so that way your tennis shoes don’t drag and mark up the clay courts as bad. However the main difference seems to be the changes in technology that have taken place over the years. For example, back in the eighties the majority of rackets were made of wood and had a round shape that was right at the end of the handle, but now the modern racket has a whole new shape to the racket where it is mostly oval and it takes up most of the racket except the handle.


The main push seems to have been professional athletes who need better equipment as the sport becomes more competitive.  So this means that only a couple years ago we were using wooden tennis rackets but now they are made out of carbon fiber and that means they are a lot lighter. Some rackets are meant f-

or more speed rather than spin, so a player can choose the racket that best suits their playing style. Lastly i have found allot of interesting things about the 80’s tennis that i wouldn’t of learned from if i didn’t reserch tennis in the first place and i do recommend learning more about tennis to anyone who is interested.


this video is Andre Agassi back in the 80 just so you guys get a feel of how the old school tennis was.






Exxon oil spill


Exxon Valdez oil spill, which happened on March 24, 1989 on the Prince William Sound in Alaska was one of the biggest oil spills in history. It killed millions of underwater plant life as well as destroyed lots of marine life and birds. It is now known as one of the biggest human caused environmental disasters.  The boat struck a piece of the Bligh Reef and there were over 750,000 barrels filled with oil that was on that boat. The ship was said to be carrying 55 million gallons of crude oil, which then spilled out on to the Sound.

The Exxon spill happened because the captain who was known as a drinker and was said to be drinking that night when the boat crashed and was apparently not even at the wheel of the boat when they did crash. There had to be clean ups on beaches all around the area because of the masses of oil that were washing up on beaches and shores all up and down the coast. Many species died in this oil spill especially because the oil got in to the food and environments of many animals and killing many animals because of it. Exxon paid a total of over $507.5 million in total paying for the damages lawsuits plus interest Exxon had to pay everyone a lot of money in order to get over what they did.


I remember learning about the oil spill in school but didn’t know all the details or the long term consequences. It turns out that scientists think that the environments in the Sounds were permanently damaged. There has been research in the area, and as of 2010, only 13 of the 32 wildlife populations, habitats, and resource services are fully recovered or most likely recovered. The rest are either not recovering or permanently damaged.

80’s clothes

80s-ClothingStyle-For-Men1         The clothes of the 80s are a lot different from the clothes that you see today. While doing research I noticed there was a huge range of fashionable clothing from baggy MC Hammer pants to bright, skin tight pants.  Other trends included shoulder pants, women’s legwarmers, huge earrings and accessories, and oversized clothing.  Just like today, fashion had a lot to do with what was out and that influenced what people were wearing. During the time that MC Hammer did his dance number on his music video, it was the baggy pants they got big and fashionable. Rock and roll played a huge factor in what people were wearing during the 80’s. During that time rock and roll was huge and if the singers up on stage were dressing a certain way then that transpired in to what people were wearing around that time. But, looking back I wonder if people in the 80’s were a lot less judgmental especially since people seemed to wear what they wanted, since the fashions looks like clothes were about having fun and looking out of control.


When we look back at these fashions now, some of them seem very ridiculous and I couldn’t believe that people wore them. For example, for a while in the 80’s they had the shoulder pad trend, and this was one of the bigger fashions especially women would follow; there would be shoulder pads on jackets, dresses, and shirts.  However, thinking back to how my generations and others talk about the shoulder pad trend, it seems like the majority of people not from this time have concluded that it was one of the worst fashions of the 80’s and potentially ever. Today the clothes that people wear are a lot more conservative and people like to dress in a way that is either really fashionable or dress in amore refined way that is kind of under the radar so to speak. But maybe people looking back at us in thirty years will also think that our fashion trends are ridiculous. Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.23.39 PM

Top ten songs of the 80’s

There were many different songs that came out during the 80’s and few were able to make the top ten of the 80’s. The following list is each song and the artist.


  1. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  2. Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
  3. I’ve been Losing You by A-ha
  4. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses
  5. Beat It by Michael Jackson
  6. Alone by Heart
  7. Take On Me, by A-Ha
  8. Every Breath You Take by The Police
  9. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey
  10. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

I thought it was very interesting to see how a lot of these songs from the 80s all have remained popular today. They are available via iTunes and I see them on commercials, movies, and shows all the time. When I looked through the list I realized that I knew the majority of these songs but couldn’t pinpoint exactly the first time I heard any of them. It seems I grew up with these songs and they have become a part of the popular culture.


I’m also not surprised that Michael Jackson has two of the top ten songs on this list; his music is some of the most recognized throughout the world. Even though he is not alive, he is still the number one biggest selling artist in the world, holding the record for the most number of record sales (more than 51 million records) for his Thriller album. He is commonly referred to as the “King of Pop” and is one of the most well-known artists out there—the dances and performances he had are still popular today and people still try to learn his moonwalk and dance moves.