The Dream Team

They had the best players in the NBA, they competed and represented the United States of America, and they came to win the USA a gold medal. The Dream Team is said to be one of the best Men’s Basketball Team to compete in the Olympics. The 1984 Olympics, the Dream Team compete in Los Angeles, California. Team consisted of MJ, Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, the list goes on of all the players on that team. All of the best players in the NBA and in the country, all legends, all hall of famers of the game.

The Dream Team was undefeated, going 8-0 in the 1984 Olympics, averaging 95 points a game. Their opponents only averaging 63 points a game. When the Dream Team won, they won big; there would no holding back from the best in the world. They were not to be reckoned with. “We just want to go out and bring a gold medal back to our country.” Larry Bird said this in the trials before the Olympics games. The team was not only driven by their competitive nature, they also wanted to bring a medal back to their country. The were Americans and they wanted everyone to know they were the best.

The Dream Team 20th Anniversary!

The video talks about the road of the Dream Team and looks back at all the great players, plays and moments of the USA Men’s Basketball Olympic team. The true greatness shown of this team is truly inspiring. The great game of basketball played at such a high level is something special.

Those that were alive in this time and got to watch this team, good for you. I’m extremely jealous; wow what an experience to look back on and remember you were able to watch history in the making.


Dream Team

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