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A lot of people have their own genre or genres of music that they love and listen to on a daily basis. I personally like to listen to rap, hip-hop, and r&b. These genres have changed over the years so much, it’s almost like two separate genres. I don’t even think its same music. Some prefer the old school and some really enjoy the new school hip-hop. I think it’s hard for me to decide because I love the old and the new. I feel like they’re both equally great in their own ways. Back in the day rappers rapped about what happened in their lives and real life situations they’ve been in. A lot of rappers, today and back in the day, gear towards rapping about drugs, sex, and money. Now not all rappers do that but some do, and some to it occasionally and some rap about it all the time which isn’t really the best kind of rap in my opinion.

I have a favorite rapper from the 80s as well as now. I would say my favorite from the 80s was probably Michael Jackson and LL Cool J. Today I would my favorite rappers are J.Cole and Drake. As far as R&B goes I would have to say Justin TimberLake. I think he’s the closest comparison of Michael Jackson.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J! He has is 80s swag in this picture. Check out his song. See if you like it!



J.Cole and Drake. Two of my favorite new school rappers and hip-hop artists. The music they make is of its own kind and it takes a certain person to listen to both. Basically you have to be cool enough to listen to this kind of stuff.

Song #1: In the Morning

Song #2: Jodeci

Tell me which song you think is better.

This is the last one. The JT/MJ song. Love Never Felt So Good. 


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