Weird Science


Filmed in 1985, John Hughes produced a teen film based on the premise if Al Feldstein’s “Made of the Future”. Like many of John Hughes’s films, this one takes place in a fictitious suburb, Shermer, in Chicago, Illinois.

The plot is focused around two nerds, Gary Wallace, played by Anthony Michael Hall, and Whyatt Donnelly, played by IIan Mitchell-Smith. The opening scene starts with the two boys watching the girls PE session while talking about what they would do to two specific girls in the group. This scene ends when two of the school bullies Ian and max played by Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Rusler, pants the two boys causing a lot of humiliation.


From this the two decide to create a woman, but not the blow up doll or paper merche style woman, but a real life like woman. This part of the film is similar to the classic tale of Frankenstein. Using Wyatt’s computer and hooking it up to a barbie, the boys are able to create this perfect woman (Kelly Lebrock).

Their initial plan is to create some form of popularity for themselves, the two boys are tired of being the nerds that no one notices and they hope that this woman could be their big ticket to popularity.

But in order for this to happen the two must grow as individuals and realize that they don’t need to be popular to be happy. They eventually learn to be happy with themselves and in return are happy all together.

The film ends with a giant party at Wyatts house and the entire school is invited. But even though it is their party, Wyatt and Gary are still too afraid to socialize with others.

It is up to Lisa to change this and by doing so she creates barbarian bike riders and has them crash the party. It is up to the two boys to get them out of the house and save the girls of their dreams.

Opening Gym Scene

It’s Alive

Uninvited Guests

Also this movie’s title song was performed by American new wave band Oingo Boingo


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