Caddy Shack


If you don’t know Caddy Shack please just leave. Stop reading and leave, I don’t care if you are five or fifty you can not humanly function without the experience of watching Caddy Shack. It is a classic of all classics. You have the dynamic duo Chevy Chase and Bill Murray fresh off the SNL scene. They carry the entire film. Guess what? You can actually hate golf and still enjoy this movie!

Alright I’ll give you quick run down of the film. It takes place on a golf course (for our slower viewers) and more or less follows a caddy who is trying to win a scholarship for school. This course is part of a snotty country club which is practically controlled by the Judge (you’re going to hate the guy).

Anyway our caddy Danny starts to learn some tricks of the trade from an exceptional golfer Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) and ends up joining Chevy’s team in the Caddy Day golf tournament.

But really this movie isn’t about the golf or the caddying, it’s about the gofer.


The gofer is destroying the golf course, as most gofers do and it is up to Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) to stop the varmint. This is where movie history is made. Some of the most quotable scenes come from the interaction of these two characters.


But this isn’t the only comedic genius in the film. Meet Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) probably one of the loudest and most obnoxious person you have ever met. You love this guy, this guy is the best, he is the worlds greatest antagonizer, the dude does not care.

How many one liners does this guy have? Obviously not enough.


The niece of the Judge is a hard ten. Lacey Underall (Cindy Morgan) ¬†doesn’t mind getting around but we love her for it.

Lets not forget Chevy Chase

I won’t spoil anymore but watch the film, like i said it is classic.

P.S. Bill and Chevy don’t have lines in the entire film


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