The Replacements

The Replacements were an alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota that essentially started a genre, mixing classic rock ‘n roll with punk rock. They were around from 1979-1991 and released several full-length albums that still continue to inspire musicians today. They were drawn to the sounds of everyone from Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles to The Clash, The Ramones, and The Dead Boys.


Their album Tim was released in October of 1985 and was their first major label release on Sire Records. It was produced by Tommy Ramone. This album was one of their most popular and gained some moderate mainstream commercial success. Tim showcases The Replacements’ widely diverse influences from Roy Orbison to Chuck Berry. Lyrically, the most are mostly loser anthems dealing with adult responsibility and growing up. The Replacements made it cool to be outcasts. Three of The Replacements’ most popular tracks can be found on this album including “Kiss Me on the Bus”, “Bastards of Young”, and “Left of the Dial”, which is a reference to college radio stations being left of the dial on a radio and how exciting it was for up and coming bands to hear their music on air.


On January 18, 1986 The Replacements performed “Kiss Me on the Bus” and “Bastards of Young” on Saturday Night Live after which they were banned for life for swearing during their performance and their rowdy behavior. This was the most success they had received as a band up until this point, but fame did not matter to them. In 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine placedĀ TimĀ at #136 on their list of the greatest 500 albums of all time. It was also ranked #4 on the Alternative Press list of top 99 albums from 1985-1995. Allmusic gave the album 5 stars as they did with The Replacements’ previous studio album, Let It Be.

The Replacements- Bastards of Young Video

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