The Outsiders and Food

So the food situation in The Outsiders is kind of bizarre. There seems to be an endless supply of chocolate cake in Darry, Soda, and Pony Boy’s home. For a family without a mother or father where both adults work two jobs these cakes are perfect. I have tried to make layer cakes and it is not easy! These cakes are perfect level and frosted flawlessly. I just find it super hard to believe the realism of more than one of these cakes existing in a house belonging to three men.

I mean seriously look at this cake!


I get the symbolism of having Twobit eat chocolate cake and beer while watching, judging from his muscle shirt, Mickey Mouse sprawled on the floor like the overgrown kid he is, but still not super realistic.

According to the internet in the book The Outsiders, Johnny’s nick name was in fact Johnny cake so its possible that some of the scenes cut from the movie explained why these cakes were present other than their use in establishing the fact that the greasers were actually a group of overgrown kids that lacked any responsible adult or authority figure in their lives. The internet seems to be kind of obsessed with deleted scenes from the film. Here is a reel of said deleted scenes and they actually really explain a lot about the background info of the film.


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