Patrick Swayze

This blog would not be complete without a post dedicated to quite possibly the sexiest man who has ever lived. That’s right I’m talking about Patrick Swayze.


Ok so Swayze who has captivated women young and old got his start acting on Broadway as Danny Zuko in the musical Grease. Double yum. His first film was playing the part of Ace in Skatetown USA.


Obviously most people have never heard of that movie, but they should because he takes off his belt uses it as a whip and roller figure skates. It is a must see. Seriously. His real breakout role was in The Outsiders where he played the highly muscled hunky Darry: older brother with a heart of gold.


He went on to star in such famous movies as Dirty Dancing, Road House, Ghost, along with a bunch of movies in the 90’s that arent nearly as exciting as his 80’s sex symbol roles. Interestingly he acted both on Broadway and in London’s West End– obvious proof that he wasn’t just handsome, but talented as well.

Some of my very favorite Patrick Swayze moments include his first dance with Baby in Dirty Dancing where he demonstrates that he truly is a “love man”. Also this scene where he appears like an angel from heaven to bring to Baby the gift of sexy sexy dance. And of course you can’t forget his hungry eyes scene. Don’t get me started on Time of My Life….

Perhaps his most famous scene ever is a scene that I’m certain caused many women to take a new interest in pottery. Like seriously pottery wheel makers have probably never been so happy as they were when this happened. Seriously I tear up just looking at it. Its ridiculous.

So as everyone knows he passed away September 14th, 2009 leaving behind his beloved wife of 34 years– the love of his life whom he met when he was 18. I don’t like to think of Patrick as dead. Instead I like to remember him like this:

128933_2 dirty-dancing

And like this:

Dirty-Dancing-Still-Patrick-Swayze-Jennifer-Grey-01-400x300 patrick_swayze_stars_in_dirty

R.I.P Patrick. You are missed.


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