Hair in Film: 80’s Glenn Close

So hair seems to play a much bigger role in characterizing characters in 80’s films than it does in film today.

Here are some examples:

In Fatal Attraction Glenn Close plays a crazy woman and thus her hair is pretty extreme. Through much of the movie it looks like you possibly shoved a finger in a light socket. It seems to get bigger the crazier she gets. You can compare this still of her first meeting with Douglas’ character:

close beg

where her hair is at least pulled away from her face and somewhat tame, to this photo as the movie has progressed and she has completely lost it:

close big

Seriously. She looks like someone styled her hair with some sort of electric shock instrument. It has become an entity unto itself. She literally could not play a sane person with this hair. I would not believe it.

Yes, the 80’s were seemingly dedicated to big hair, but in her other 80’s movies her hair is pretty tame in comparison. In Garp her hair is smoother in texture and tamed into a bun or updo.:garp

In The Big Chill her hair is curly, but it is styled into tight coils rather than frizzy craziness:


and in Jagged Edge, it is beyond tame. Smooth and styled to perfection:


Essentially her hair changes texture and style in extreme ways for each film, and this is not counting the period films she did in the 80’s. This is a huge contrast to an actress of today like Jennifer Aniston who has had literally the same hairstyle for almost every movie she has ever done.



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  1. He is a great actor. and he soooo soo big… thanks for this share. It’s really help me to knew more information

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