Pee Wee Herman: Who is he?

Pee Wee Herman. Who know that he could actually mean so much to life and little kids. I always thought that it was for comedic purposes and just pure entertainment but nope, not that case. In his show, Pee Wee Herman helps teach kids with helpful life lessons. Pee Wee Herman’s character helps teach these lessons through his character demeanor and humor. Along with this Pee Wee helps spark creativity and imagination from kids. Some things that go unnoticed is that Pee Wee Herman is also very popular with adults and grown ups. First started in 1986 with CBS, those in their late thirties and early forties still enjoy this show today.

Along with his show, Pee Wee Herman has and interactive website that allows you to explore his playground and learn about things that he has in his house and what he wants you to learn. Merchandise is also a huge factor in Pee Wee Herman as you can buy shirts, Christmas tree ornaments, hats, DVDs, books, buttons, and lots lots more.

An interesting side of Pee Wee Herman is that his age has never been stated. Throughout the TV series and movies, he is portrayed as a grown man but has stated in interviews that he is the “luckiest boy in the world.” He acts childish, cheerful, and flamboyant but he also portrays and evil side that makes us question his age. We see this evil side when he has the pool battle with¬†Francis in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.¬†e also played vengeful tricks in the aforementioned film and occasionally threw childish tantrums on Pee Wee’s PlayHouse.

So the question is, with what you know and how Pee Wee is portrayed. Is Pee Wee Herman suppose to be a child or a grown man?

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  1. My housemate in grad school loved Pee Wee Herman. Had the doll. Watched the show. I never got into him that much and have never seen any of the movies.

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