Creation of Seinfeld

On July 5th, 1989 NBC launched the first episode of the hit series Seinfeld. It aired for nine seasons. The show is set in Manhattan’s upper west side on an apartment complex. The show is a handful of Jerry’s friends and acquaintances but mostly his best friends. Many of Seinfeld’s shows are based of his real life experiences that are recreated in the show and shown through the characters. It has also broken a lot of mainstream TV and became the first to do so since Monty Python. This is postmodern. Seinfeld states that the show is suppose to show humor and especially with some of the characters in the series. The humor in this series is suppose to be funny because of the fail or disastrous results of the other characters. Importantly, the show also never wants to make you feel bad or sorry for the characters even after Susan’s death, one of the characters.

This family sitcom is unlike any other. The show  has its own structure and is developed by presenting a thread and story line at the beginning of every show. the rapid scene shifts between plot lines help bring the stories together. Unlike most sitcoms, Seinfeld does not follow a pattern. the characters stories and life events vary and intertwine in each and every episode. What helps this situation is that the stories in previous episodes are expanded on and brought up again in later episodes.

Even though the show started in the late 1980s, the show has become so popular and is still popular with many people even though it does not create more shows, the re-runs are entertaining as ever. This is because it was a revolutionary show that became a hit and model for future shows and movies. one of the best shows to be created.

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