Grease 2- the Humiliation

So this is a film class. We are watching a bunch of hits: Academy Award Nominees even, but what about the bombs of the 80’s? If we want to talk bad movies there is nothing that rivals the disappointment of Grease 2.

grease 2

Also known as the worst sequel ever made. Gone are the peppy gang and the heart winning hero and heroine. Instead we have some unmemorable performances from some unmemorable actors.

t birds

First, lets talk sequels. Sequels are not always good… in fact sometimes they are so terrible it makes you cringe to even place them in any sort of juxtaposition with their originals. Their badness taints the original just by association.Grease 2 is a perfect example.

Did you know it existed? I didn’t until like two years ago, and I watched the original maybe five thousand times as a kid. I love that movie. My love for it is ridiculous. I found the sequel because it sometimes plays on Oxygen when they run out of romcoms people actually have an interest in seeing. Or maybe Lifetime. They are sort of interchangeable.

So the one thing 1982’s Grease 2 has going for it is Michelle Pfeiffer.

Returning characters include Frenchie, Eugene, the coach, the principal, and the diner waitress, the rival gang member…. not exactly the workings of a hit. So in this movie they basically reverse the roles and Sandy’s Australian cousin who is actually pretty hot… not John Travolta,but certainly more attractive than a lot of 80;s heart-throbs, tries to get himself a pink lady, Michelle Pfeiffer, by impersonating a motorcycle rider. You don’t need to know his name because after this movie, he dropped off the face of the Earth and went wherever once promising young actors go when they die.The film was a huge flop and ruined the rest of his life not to mention his career.

Highlights of the movie include robotic exchanges between the helmeted heart-throb and a bored Michelle Pfeiffer, and a luau pool party musical scene that is unrivaled in awfulness.

grease 2 finale

If you move to the last few minutes of this clip you will see Michelle Pfeiffer singing. And the luau scene as well.

The big difference in the movie (besides the lack of great actors, convincing musical numbers, dancing ect.) is that the craze is all about motorcycles instead of cars. If there was a time machine I’m fairly certain this movie would have been unmade. Its sad and awful and makes me queasy.

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