Classic MJ

Just taking a look back at a classic of Michael Jackson also known as the King of Pop. True greatness. His voice, his dancing, his swagger are all put together in a stellar piece of work. This video was and is still one of the most popular videos in the world. Thriller has two grammy awards including Best Video Album and Best Video, long form. Thriller also won four MTV Awards including: Viewer’s Choice, Best Choreography, Best Overall Performance in a Video, and 100 Greatest Music Videos of all Time. This song and video is the hit of his album, also called Thriller.

This video was filmed in in Los Angeles at the Palace Theatre. The budget for the video was 500,000 dollars; pretty pricy back in that time era. Thriller sold nine million units which makes for a great profit and a huge success. The album “Thriller” sold over 50 million copies internationally.

Michael Jackson is such an inspiring artist and musician. The way he presents himself, not only in this video, but in all his videos and performances is truly the best. If you’ve never heard his music or seen him perform, live or online, you must take it back and catch up on your Michael Jackson knowledge. You’ve missed out on a lot of great music.

He was the face of pop culture for over four decades because of his dancing, singing, and fashion. Everyone wanted to be like him, dress like him, dance like him, people wanted to be just like Michael Jackson.

You can thank me later for showing you this wonderful piece of work. I know that you all will enjoy it. And for those who already have seen it, there is no harm in watching it again!

It is a must see; just take thirteen minutes out of your busy day, sit back, and watch greatness at work.

Check this video out!

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