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80s-ClothingStyle-For-Men1         The clothes of the 80s are a lot different from the clothes that you see today. While doing research I noticed there was a huge range of fashionable clothing from baggy MC Hammer pants to bright, skin tight pants.  Other trends included shoulder pants, women’s legwarmers, huge earrings and accessories, and oversized clothing.  Just like today, fashion had a lot to do with what was out and that influenced what people were wearing. During the time that MC Hammer did his dance number on his music video, it was the baggy pants they got big and fashionable. Rock and roll played a huge factor in what people were wearing during the 80’s. During that time rock and roll was huge and if the singers up on stage were dressing a certain way then that transpired in to what people were wearing around that time. But, looking back I wonder if people in the 80’s were a lot less judgmental especially since people seemed to wear what they wanted, since the fashions looks like clothes were about having fun and looking out of control.


When we look back at these fashions now, some of them seem very ridiculous and I couldn’t believe that people wore them. For example, for a while in the 80’s they had the shoulder pad trend, and this was one of the bigger fashions especially women would follow; there would be shoulder pads on jackets, dresses, and shirts.  However, thinking back to how my generations and others talk about the shoulder pad trend, it seems like the majority of people not from this time have concluded that it was one of the worst fashions of the 80’s and potentially ever. Today the clothes that people wear are a lot more conservative and people like to dress in a way that is either really fashionable or dress in amore refined way that is kind of under the radar so to speak. But maybe people looking back at us in thirty years will also think that our fashion trends are ridiculous. Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.23.39 PM

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