Exxon oil spill


Exxon Valdez oil spill, which happened on March 24, 1989 on the Prince William Sound in Alaska was one of the biggest oil spills in history. It killed millions of underwater plant life as well as destroyed lots of marine life and birds. It is now known as one of the biggest human caused environmental disasters.  The boat struck a piece of the Bligh Reef and there were over 750,000 barrels filled with oil that was on that boat. The ship was said to be carrying 55 million gallons of crude oil, which then spilled out on to the Sound.

The Exxon spill happened because the captain who was known as a drinker and was said to be drinking that night when the boat crashed and was apparently not even at the wheel of the boat when they did crash. There had to be clean ups on beaches all around the area because of the masses of oil that were washing up on beaches and shores all up and down the coast. Many species died in this oil spill especially because the oil got in to the food and environments of many animals and killing many animals because of it. Exxon paid a total of over $507.5 million in total paying for the damages lawsuits plus interest Exxon had to pay everyone a lot of money in order to get over what they did.


I remember learning about the oil spill in school but didn’t know all the details or the long term consequences. It turns out that scientists think that the environments in the Sounds were permanently damaged. There has been research in the area, and as of 2010, only 13 of the 32 wildlife populations, habitats, and resource services are fully recovered or most likely recovered. The rest are either not recovering or permanently damaged.

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