Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Teen Wolf?

If you’re looking for a feel-good comedy about teens’ changing bodies and high school hormones leading the plot, then Teen Wolf is the perfect film. Albeit its “classic 80’s” feel and light mood, the movie is just a fluffy (no pun intended), entertaining movie about a teenager turning into a werewolf because of his genetics. Michael J. Fox, however, is one redeeming quality in the movie. I don’t think anybody in the 80’s could’ve hated on Michael J. Fox. In Brazil, after Back to the Future came out, they named Teen Wolf “Garoto do Futuro”, meaning “Boy from the future”, in order for Teen Wolf to be more popular in the box offices. Fox was cute, funny, and when not dressed out in his furry outfit, he was a looker.

The characters, like the rest of the movie, were a bit shallow. There was Fox’s character, which was probably the most developed of the film. With going through wolf-puberty, and finding out that as long as he loves himself, everybody else will too, he went through the most changes in the film. Then there was his best girl-friend, who had a huge crush on him. She helped Fox through his rough times, even when he would ditch her for the “hottest girl in school”. Other than these two characters, the remaining ones were just there to create some contrast within the film. Like I said, it was a like-able 80’s movie, but more of a teenybopper flick than anything else.

The film was the epitome of a “feel-good” movie. Fox was essentially a loser in high school. His best friend was a girl who had a crush on him, and he wasn’t taken very seriously. But, when he turned into a friendly werewolf, everybody flocked to him, including the girl he’s had his eyes on. He became a huge basketball star, and everything seemed perfect. Until he started to realize that people only liked him for his unique quality, and not for his actual self. Can anybody else where the ending of this movie is going? If you said they win the basketball championships without him turning into a werewolf and he falls in love with his best friend, then you are correct! As cheesy and predictable the movie is, you can’t help but love and cherish the flare the 80’s had on all the movies of the decade.



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