My little buttercup has the sweetest smile!

Chevy, Martin, Short… Three big names in comedy star in the gem The Three Amigos! As you can assume, this movie is filled with laughs and it starts right from the beginning.

After Carmen visits town and is unable to find help to stop El Guapo. She sees The Three Amigos in a silent film and believes only they can help stop him. Unfortunately for her, she is unaware that they are just Hollywood actors portraying horsemen and telegrams them for help. This is the first of many “misunderstandings”

The Amigos, Lucky, Dusty, and Ned, try to negotiate their contracts with Harry Flugleman, the head of Goldsmith Pictures, and end up being tossed out of the studios literally shirtless! This is where they receive Carmen’s telegram and devise the plan to steal their costumes to head to MEXICO!

When they get into town, they are thought to be a group of men to meet with a German gunslinger who just shot up the bar. They think everyone knows them because of their films and sing the best song every performed…

As the movie goes on, they do not realize what is really going on and when a situation arrises, they compare it to a movie they made.

Once they figure out what is really going on, they plead for their lives and are run off. This is where the Ned decides enough is enough and it is time to stand up for themselves. Time to start being The Three Amigos… “Men or Mice? What’ll it be?”


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