Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I am the first to admit that I love anything with Sarah Jessica Parker. I am not embarrassed to admit that I have seen every episode of Sex and the City AND both movies. She had a cute character in Footloose, just recently made a cameo on Glee, and starred in the film I Don’t Know How She Does It. She gets made fun of all of the time by the media because she in “unattractive” for Hollywood’s standards, was named by Maxim as the “Unsexiest Woman, and gets compared to a horse a lot. Despite all the negative criticism she receives, I still love her.  This is why I had to watch “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. I have to admit I have seen this film before, but I only saw it once like 10 years ago and did not remember anything (besides dancing) from it.  Who doesn’t like a good dance movie? The 80’s sure loved them.


This film kind of reminded me a little bit of Hairspray, in terms of SJP’s character Janey auditioning with her friend to be on their favorite dance show, Dance TV. There is a mean rich girl, Natalie, who is jealous of Janey, and a “stud”, Jeff, who is Janey’s “bad boy” dance partner. Janey attends a Catholic school and has a strict father who does not approve of her dancing, so she keeps it a secret. There are struggles, but of course in the end Janey and Jeff win the contest. It is a classic teen movie displaying teenage rebellion, puppy love, and defeating the mean girl.

The film uses similar techniques as Footloose and Flashdance where the camera either is zoomed out or just shows the shadow of her body to hide the fact that a body double was used. However it is very obvious that it’s a body double in both the audition scene and the final dance sequence.

I loved this movie because of the bubbly plot, music, and characters. It is a feel good movie that I would enjoy watching with my girl friends. The film’s title describes the movie perfectly, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

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