I’ve heard many good things about the movie Big. However, when it comes to Tom Hanks, I usually have to force myself to watch the movie. He’s not one of my favorites, but he always charms me when I do start watching him onscreen. Big was no different. After hearing multiple defensive arguments from my parents, I gave in and began watching the movie. I was immediately enthralled. Much to my surprise, Tom Hanks brilliantly played his role as a younger boy. I completely believed in his buoyant attitude towards life and his joyous personality while even at work. The part that truly got me was the very well known piano scene in the toy store. The story starts with Josh, a boy who wishes he was older mainly because the girl he likes goes for older guys. When he is at a carnival with his family, he plays a Fortune game where he wishes to be older, and that night his wish comes true.

Big Piano Scene

How could you not fall in love with him at this point? This part, which I saw before I watched the movie, was extremely touching now that I had seen the parts that led up to it. I hope this movie was a sign for all adults to not work too hard and to find the joy in their lives, because even though I’ve only lived 20 years, the film still made me think about taking everything too seriously. Not to mention, I could not stop laughing at the part where Susan comes home with Josh (Tom Hanks’ character) and the confusion shown on her face with what Josh was saying. She was expecting sex, or at least a little action, and he thought “playing” was physically playing with the toys in his apartment. The miscommunication in the scene was hilarious, and one of my favorite parts of the film.

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  1. Your comment about Hanks’ performance is dead on. He received an Oscar nomination for the role. My favorite part when he sees the corn at the party and thinks it is a tiny ear of corn and eats it that way. Classic.

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