America, the place to find everything.. even a wife!

I love to watch comedy movies, movies that make me laugh and I come out of the movie theatre with my stomach hurting from so much laughter. So I decided to pick up Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. If you like Eddie Murphy, you will love this movie! It wasn’t his first, but definitely isn’t his last; he keeps you laughing until the end.

The movie focuses on Eddie Murphy who plays a Prince from a fictitious country called Zamunda. Akeem, Eddie Murphy is in pursuit for a wife, but not an obedient one that his parents have picked out for him so he ventures out with his butler, Semmi who is played by Arsenio Hall to Queens, New York because, “What better place to find a queen than the city of Queens?” said by Eddie Murphy. Because Akeem wants to find someone to love for his personality and not for his money and royal status, he pretends to be a goat herder from Zamunda and they work at McDowell’s, which is a spoof off of McDonalds in the movie.

This is how they arrived to New York City, with all of their fancy clothes, but quickly changed to this..

While working there Eddie Murphy falls in love with Mr. McDowell’s older daughter, Lisa. Akeem doesn’t mind working with the commoners, but his butler doesn’t like it at all so he writes home to his parents the King and Queen to ask for more money, well they got more than that, the King and Queen come to America to bring his son home. After Eddie Murphy’s identity is blown Lisa doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want to marry him, but in the end we find that she comes around and ends up marrying Eddie Murphy back in Zamunda.

Eddie Murphy does a great job in this movie, I loved his accent, it really made the character. I think my favorite part of the film was when they got to New York City and they hail a cab with about ten valet guys with dozens and dozens of Louis Vuitton suitcases. They had no clue to what was before them in their adventure. To some extent it is a family film to watch with your children, there are a few things that you might not want to show them if they are youngsters, but other than that it is good for all ages and sends a good message of finding that one true love in your life.

I think that in respect to content that this movie does hold up to today and we as people now can find ourselves in the same relationships, minus the royalty part. The one thing that doesn’t translate are the costumes, Eddie Murphy’s tails he wears and his rat tail on his head isn’t really the rage right now, but other than that it translates to todays times. Overall, Coming to America is a good choice for a movie if you want a comedy that isn’t dirty like todays movies and has a good plotline.

The ending, Eddie Murphy finally found his Queen.


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