My Blue Heaven

“You know, sometimes I even amaze myself” 

     Keeping up with gangster films, I thought I’d write one on a gangster-comedy film. I’m a huge Steve Martin fan and I’ve heard for a while that this movie is hysterical so I figured what better time to watch it! It tells the story of Vincent Antonelli, a larger than life gangster who becomes an informant for the government. After being introduced to the Witness Protection Program, it becomes obvious he is still accustomed to his old lifestyle and will not adjust without a fight.

Barney Coopersmith, an uptight federal agent is assigned to keep a close eye on Vinnie and his wife Linda to ensure they stay out of trouble before Vinnie can testify. While Barney gets fed up with Vinnie a lot and considers him to be more trouble than help, the two bond over their non-communication and abandonment of their wives due to their jobs. There is one scene in particular that demonstrates how much trouble Vinnie is. Vinnie and Barney go to a nightclub so that Barney can loosen up a little. “Friends” from Vinnie’s old lifestyle track him down and Vinnie proceeds to dance the merengue while voiding them and their gunshots.

I really liked this film and enjoyed how it put a comical twist onto the gangster genre. I found it to be really similar to a spinoff of Goodfellas with added comedy. Watching this movie, I was laughing out loud and didn’t even really notice how different the times were. I think this movie stands the test of time because it holds up due to the content even though certain things scream 80’s/90’s such as hairstyles and clothing and even furniture styles.

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  1. I too am a big Steve Martin fan and I vaguely remember this coming out but I never saw it. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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