Weird Science

This movie that came out in 1985 is about 2 nerdy boys who somehow manage to create a woman of all their dreams. Instead, the result is far more than they expected. 

John Hughes, with no doubt, knows how to target a teenage audience. He took the popular notion of male fantasies regarding women and made a fun, new comedy out of it. Not only did this film highlight on the personas of adolescent males in a comedic way, but he also managed to focus on the advancement of technology at the time. Computers were only just fresh and new, therefore, this idea that computers can even generate the girl of your dreams seemed ideal with all the tasks it was already accomplishing.

I found this ad on Youtube and I just can’t help but laugh. Not only cause of that weird pointing finger salute thing they do, but also cause of the music and just how old these computers really are. This also shows that sort of new idea that with technology, we can do anything! Even create a new hot girlfriend for boys.

Also, they don’t just choose some ordinary girl for their creation. They end up with Kelly LeBrock, a huge heart throb from these times.

I mean, hello, she’s gorgeous.

I’ve read that there have been several talks about a remake and that several actors, like Roberty Downey Jr. (although he was in the original), would still like to see one. However, many people fear of ruining a film that was a great film and success when it was released.

But anyways, Lisa, Kelly LeBrock’s character, makes our two nerdy main characters out to be real men by the end of the film. However, there are still several hilarious, crazy obstacles they must face on their journey to manhood.

Hughe’s film, no doubt, highlights a huge portion of adolescence in the male population. Weird Science¬†depicts this, however, in a fun and light manner.


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  1. Le Brock had a short shelf life. I want to say she ended up marrying Gene Wilder, but I might be wrong about that.

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