I am not typically a huge fan of sports, or movies about sports. But I very much enjoyed Caddyshack. I remember watching a scene from the movie when I was maybe 8 years old, but the only thing I remembered was the gopher. This film was hysterical. It reminded me of your typical Florida country club. I think my favorite character by far was Bill Murray. I thought it was great how they had the two different dramas occurring (the judge and the new obnoxious member vs. bill murray and the gopher) and then tied them together in the end. This is definitely a classic and a movie I could watch repeatedly and laugh every time.  This movie came out in 1980, and I could definitely see some of the 70s influenced, in terms of the hair and style. Also with the references to the Vietnam War and how that subtlety played into the script. The film has not been remade but there was a sequel: Caddyshack II. I havent seen this, but from a brief Google search, I dont think it did so well. SHOCKING. Sequels rarely ever do well. Also, I think the only person in the sequel who was in the original was Chevy Chase.

One of my favorite scenes was the pool scene. You have all the caddies swimming the in club’s pool, and all the boys begin to do a synchronized swimming routine. Then the Baby Ruth falls into the pool and everyone freaks out because they think it is something else….

In a way this film kind of reminded me of Happy Gilmore (probably because of the golf). I think if I had to choose between the two movies to recommend to a friend if they wanted to watch a good golf movie, I would probably choose Caddyshack. Adam Sandler is pretty genius in Happy Gilmore, but I think the gopher in Caddyshack takes the cake. He’s just so cute when he dances in the end.

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  1. Supposedly, according to students in my dramatic literature course, a professor on the Rollins campus played the gopher in this film.

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