Untouchables 2.0

Since we’re watching The Untouchables this week it made sense to share a couple of trailers for the upcoming Gangster Squad, which seems to be selling itself as Untouchables 2.0. We’re given a similar premise: east coast gangster heads west and takes over in a city filled of crooked cops, so a handful of honest cops need to band together and stop him, while teetering on the line of good and bad. In the trailer Ryan Gosling even directly rips a line away from Sean Connery (“You gotta die of something”).

I love gangster movies, so there’s no way I’m not seeing this movie. But let’s just see if it’s able to see the same success that Brian DePalma’s film saw, or if it gets tossed aside as a rip off.


2 thoughts on “Untouchables 2.0

  1. And this was the film that had its trailer pulled after the Batman movie theatre incident this summer because in its first trailer it featured a number of guys with tommy guns shooting up a movie theatre full of people from behind the movie screen.

    I wonder if that scene will still be in the flick.

    This film also reunites Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, who worked so well together in CRAZY STUPID LOVE.

  2. One thing–when a movie says it is coming out in January, it has an 80 percent chance of being a dog. January is the month Hollywood uses to release their worst films.

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