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Thank goodness I chose to watch this in the middle of the day. THANK GOODNESS. While I had seen some iconic moments like the bathroom and the twins in the hallway scenes, I had never full-on watched The Shining. I’ve never been one on horror flicks but this to me was bearable- perhaps because the elements of suspense often overrode my senses of fear.


One aspect that I found intriguing was the use of Danny as a POV. While the storyline seems to primarily follow Jack and Wendy, some of the scariest aspects are seen through Danny’s POV. I find this to be incredibly helpful in trying to instill elements of tension for the audience. In terms of cinematography, putting the camera at a lower perspective provides even more visual suspense.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie and I feel like (as with so many movies) it’s sad that it is reduced to scenes like the bathroom. While that is certainly memorable, I personally felt that the end scene in the maze was much more suspenseful.

The mise en scene is incredible and the camerawork throughout is awesome. It’s like a never ending tunnel of cool blue tones which helps add to the (no pun intended) icy nature of the film’s end. The camera does a really cool thing to where it goes from following Danny to following Jack once Danny is safe and is reunited with his mother which feels like a quick change. When Danny is being chased it feels as if the audience is Jack and a sense of impending doom. However, for Jack being chased it feels like a broader “fate” that is suddenly about to do him in. Throughout the whole end of the film he’s seen as the one in control of people’s lives but when Danny is suddenly safe and Jack is caught in the maze, it’s the moment that you know he’s gonna get what’s been coming to him.

Should you watch it? Yes. Should you watch it alone? Yes. Should you watch it in your bathroom at night with your crazed father trying to beat down the door? No.


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  1. The cinematography was great for the flick. The long take of Danny on the Big Wheel and you are right in the maze he feel like we are chasing Danny.

    Love the Shia joke.

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