My First “Slasher” Flick

I’ll be the first to admit it. I get scared easily. Which is why I avoid any horror movies. I’ve seen less than 10 in my lifetime. However, in honor of it being the first of October, and I feel I can take, at the very least, an older film, I decided to branch out and try a classic, Friday the 13th. I didn’t have any background information on it, other than the trailers that came out for the sequel in 2009 and the Freddy vs. Jason film in 2003, so I was going in completely cold turkey.

The big question I had after watching the film was who was the actual killer? When Jason’s mother came in near the end and tried to kill Alice off, it led me on to think that she was the killer, and Alice simply had a dream about Jason attacking her and pulling her into the water. Also, it had to be someone in town because when Steve, the camp manager, faced the killer unknowingly, he said, “Oh, it’s you”, and then he was killed. So Steve had to have known the person who killed him, and it being a small town, it didn’t seem crazy that it was Mrs. Voorhees. ¬†But, one thing that does makes me feel that it was not Jason’s mom who was the killer is from the scene when Kevin Bacon’s character dies. While he’s lying in bed, the arm that reaches up and grabs him is a manly looking arm covered in plaid, not a slender wrist in a baby blue sweater. Also, the shadows that were lurking throughout the film appeared to be of a man with broad shoulders. I guess I’ll have to watch the other films to truly discover who the “killer” is, but for now I believe that there are some supernatural elements at play, which I was not expecting from a classic slasher film.

As for the “scare” factor, I did jump at parts. Who wouldn’t with the frightening musical¬†accompaniment that chimed in at the perfect time? I did keep my cool though, and I found myself more so laughing than jumping out of my seat. Maybe it was a defense mechanism, but it sure did help. Like when Annie was running and stumbling heavily because of her hurt leg – despite her graceful roll out of the vehicle – through the forest, I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly she looked, tripping on the leaves and gripping her leg. I tried putting myself in her position. Would I be able to suck it up and run, knowing that I had somebody dangerous chasing me? I couldn’t really say, because I had never been in that position (knock on wood). However, it made me think about other movies where the characters were hurt, but still had to fight/run for their lives. The only ones I could think of were movies where the characters were trained fighters, or at least lived dangerously for a living (Charlie’s Angels kept coming to mind). So, obviously, it is not impossible to grit your teeth and keep fighting for your life. I just don’t think poor Annie was well equipped physically for it.

Another little thing I found interesting about the movie was when the counselors were going to fix the emergency generator. The counselor Marcie, after the light was turned on, stated, “What hath God wrought?” The line kind of made me chuckle, because the line would be more appropriate to declare, say, right before you’re about to be killed, and not when a lightbulb turns on.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It even made me think about watching the original Nightmare on Elm Street. But I’ll save that for another time. When it’s light out. And I’m around a big crowd of people.

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  1. And of course the big question in the first ten minutes of SCREAM is who is the killer in FRIDAY THE 13TH. Poor Drew doesn’t answer it correctly and her boyfriend dies because of her failure.

    The thing I remember about FRIDAY THE 13TH is that when the third one came out it was in 3-D and was terribly done, lots of kids killed and their deaths directed at the audience.

    Good attention to detail on the various hints at the killer not matching up with Jason’s mom.

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