“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…”

After watching two sob fest films I decided to choose a much lighter film to view tonight.  I’ve always wanted to watch Moonstruck (1987) with Cher and tonight I finally did.  What a hilarious romantic comedy!  In her Oscar winning role, Cher plays Loretta Castorini, a thirty-seven year old Italian American widow living with her hilarious, traditional Italian parents in New York.  Her father, played by Vincent Gardenia, and her mother, played by Olympia Dukakis in her Oscar winning role, are as dramatic as ever.  The film focuses on Loretta (whose first husband was hit by a bus) who believes she has bad luck in life.  She becomes engaged to her boyfriend Johnny Cammareri but while he is in Sicily taking care of his sick mother, she falls in love with his younger brother, Ronny, played by Nicolas Cage, and a variety of crazy and hilarious scenes ensue.  I really enjoyed this film and found it very entertaining-it’s basically a fun, witty, dramatic, over-the-top Italian soap opera.  My only issue with this film was the casting of Nicolas Cage.  He is eighteen years younger than Cher and, in my opinion, not a very attractive male lead.  Oddly enough, I must admit I was surprised to see that him and Cher did have some chemistry because they’re both so uniquely weird. I still would not have cast him to play opposite of Cher who owned her role. Cher’s performance was excellent-her portrayal of a middle-aged Italian woman in New York City was so genuine and believable.  Her accent was consistent and she really embodied her character.  Olympia Dukakis is fantastic as well in this film.  I just saw her in Steel Magnolias-in which she acted with a Southern accent- so it was crazy to see how well she acted with an Italian/New York accent.  Both actresses deserved all of the accolades they won due to their work in this film.  The film is distinctly 80s as seen by the costumes, hair, and setting (Notice Cher’s hair in the picture below!).  As a whole, I wouldn’t say this is a ground breaking film from this decade, but I do highly recommend seeing it.  It is a hilarious and very cute romantic comedy.  I’ve attached the scene in which Cher and Nicolas Cage’s characters first meet-it’s hilarious seeing Nicolas Cage freak out!

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  1. Cher was at her acting height in the 80s. I am surprised she didn’t do more films later on. She tried to go back to singing–“If I Could Hold Back Time”–and then just faded away.

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