Cult Connections

Final Presentation Our final presentation, a website called Cult Connections, is intended to support one’s transition out of a cult. Our hope in creating this website was to primarily create a support system through connecting current cult members with those who have already left, and secondly to offer a few …

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Jim Jones

I am a man. I am a leader. I spread the message of Christianity combined with a socialist political twist. I encourage equality. I am Jim Jones.

I grew up in the Crete, Indiana where I went from church to church observing their practices as a child. I was intensely religious in my youth which was rejected by the other children my age. As I grew older, I decided to enter the ministry in 1952 and I eventually founded the Peoples Temple. My teachings demoralized romance and sex and promoted racial equality and religious passion. I also consider myself as the “father of all,” and require my followers to accept that I am the reigning father.

In 1974 I decided to move my religious group to Guyana with hopes of a more sophisticated and secluded atmosphere. Here we created Jonestown. Jonestown was a place away from the media and it was a socialists dream. My followers lived off of the bare minimum and they spent their days learning from me. Some did not agree with me, my teachings, or the living conditions they were experiencing. They began to worry me and made me realize I needed to think fast. I needed to act before they did. Outside groups were planning to invade my town and ruin everything I have worked so hard for. I created a cup with red liquid and required my followers to drink it. I had to do this or else they would have plotted against me. I woke them up in the middle of the night and instructed them to drink the liquid and they did. I then told them it was a test of loyalty and that they were not going to die. They mostly all followed the rules so I knew my master plan would flourish. Once more, a while later, I mixed up my lethal juice and instructed my followers to drink it. If any refused, my guards made sure they drank it. My juice killed 900 people and it was what had to be done. I gave them all the ability to die with dignity. I killed myself with a gunshot to the head so I would not have to deal with the medias unnecessary presence throughout my town and their lack of comprehension as to why I did what I did.






JONESTOWN, GUYANA – NOVEMBER 18: (NO U.S. TABLOID SALES) Dead bodies lie around the compound of the People’s Temple cult November 18, 1978 after the over 900 members of the cult, led by Reverend Jim Jones, died from drinking cyanide-laced Kool Aid; they were victims of the largest mass suicide in modern history. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)