The Giving Tree Campaign

The Giving Tree is a campaign that focuses mainly on the prevention of self injury in teens and young adults. Just like the book by Shel Silverstein, the campaign seeks to provide endless hope, self confidence and the possibility of recovery. We aim to build the campaign through random acts of kindness in middle, high schools and college campuses.

1 in every 5 adolescents and young adults experience self harm or know of someone who has gone through it. 17 percent of people under the ages of seventeen experience self harm. The Giving Tree Campaign will make those struggling with depression and loathing of oneself to feel better and more integrated in society through the use of kind words.

More importantly, we want to educate teachers and staff about the signs of self harm and depression in order for them to reach out to those students that need help and are too afraid to come forward.

The Giving Tree campaign will also provide students with different types of relief so that they don’t self harm. Among these activities there are included, henna designs, creative art workshops and sport events.

Suicide Hotline: call 911 or  1-800-273-TALK/(1-800-273-8255

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