Cult Connections

Final Presentation

Our final presentation, a website called Cult Connections, is intended to support one’s transition out of a cult. Our hope in creating this website was to primarily create a support system through connecting current cult members with those who have already left, and secondly to offer a few immediate and basic life resources for a successful future. In creating this project we tried to identify some of the core necessities people might need when they leave, using our research and blog autobiographies on Jim Jones and our class discussion with Charlene Edge as inspiration. We assume that things like housing, health care, childcare, and job training were a few of the factors that would most likely hold someone back from leaving. Additionally, we feel that making use of the easy accessibility of the internet would be the most efficient way to reach these individuals. Overall, Erin and I see this as a realistic and practical solution to what we feel is a pressing problem, and believe that this program, or one like it, would lay a strong foundation for those attempting to build a future after a cult.

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