Coexistent Classrooms: An initiative to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


1st stages:

  • Israel must be willing to accept more Palestinian families into the country.
  • This will provide Palestinian families to have the same constitutional rights as other citizens, such as education.
  • Palestinian families must be willing to put their children in the Israeli public school system.
  • Jewish families must also be willing to accept this change, and permit their children to go to school with Palestinians.

Coexistent Classrooms with in the Israeli public school system

Primary and Elementary School:

  • Israeli and Palestinian children would be learning together in the same classroom
  • Each classroom will have both an Israeli and Palestinian teacher and teacher assistant.
  • At this age children will learn about both religions.
  • The topic of the conflict will be left out of their curriculum.
  • The schools would not be religiously affiliated.   
  • However, schools would be respecting and understanding of religions: Providing neutral rooms of worship were both pray TOGETHER.

Middle and High School:

  • Israeli and Palestinian children would continue to learn together.
  • Instead of having two teachers in the classroom, students would have one teacher, but a mix of both Jewish and Islamic professors.
  • Students would begin to learn about the conflict in middle school
  • Students would continue to learn about the conflict in high school, and take ‘solution classes’, which discuss how to potentially solve the conflict

Positive Outcomes:

  • Palestinian families feel benefited from the Israeli government, creating a sense of comfort.
  • Friendships and relationships are formed between both the children and the families.
  • Both parties involved are educated on the topic and get to see both sides of the conflict.
  • Through this education plan, a generation of coexistence is born. This generation could create a possible solution to the conflict.

This initiative addresses extremism through:

  • Intergroup cooperation against extremism
  • Expanding the middle
  • Peace building

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