Autobiography- Monte “Kim” Miller

I am the founder and leader of The Concerned Christians, I am Monte “Kim” Miller. Living most of my life in the state of Colorado, I was raised in Burlington on the prairie and ended up in Denver when my wife divorced me in 1983. Around the same time in the early 1980’s is when I founded Concerned Christians , a ministry focused towards preaching versus cults and New Age Movements. Creating a following of seventy-eight adults and children who believe that God speaks through me. Such as making predictions of an earthquake to remove Denver, Co completely off the map in October 1998 and predicting my own death in December 1999 by gunfight, only to be resurrected three days later like christ. Neither of these predictions proved true.
Although I still convincing members of the Concerned Christian following to give up their comfortable jobs and homes in Colorado, as well as surrounding states and relocate to Jerusalem. Planning to spend the rest of our lives in attempt to be closer to god and the Mount of Olives where Jesus will descend from the sky when he returns. Fourteen of my members have been detained and deported back to the United States due to alleged plotting of violent acts in the walled “Old City”. Evil schemes such as a deadly shooting near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the location some christians believe the tomb of Jesus is located. My location as well as sixty of my other members remains speculated. I have not been seen in public since I predicted my death in 1999 right in the streets of Jerusalem by gun battle late in the year, while the other sixty Concerned Christian members are said to be in Greece.


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    Overall I liked this autobiography for its interesting topic. Here are some comments. The verb tense (e.g. “living,” “creating, “planning”) makes some of your sentences sound awkward. Using past tense could help with the flow of the writing for the reader. The use of passive voice (the sentence starting with “during”) could also confuse the reader and makes the sentence longer than it has to be. Other than that it is pretty good. Must be pretty hard to not be seen in public for 18 years.

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