What Does It Mean to be Extreme?

For something to be considered “extreme” Webster’s dictionary labels it as a thing “existing in a very high degree”. This either having a positive connotation attached to it, such as being an “extreme” athlete and completing achievements in their designated sport that never would’ve thought to be obtainable or having “extreme” wealth to be able to purchase and do whatever one pleases. While on the opposite end of the spectrum there can be negatives labeled as “extreme”, with examples like extreme poverty and hunger causing children to die in third world countries on all corners of the globe or an “extreme” cause of death. “Extreme” constitutes to anything that is so highly abnormal to society that it brings attention to itself and makes people talk, and even question its very existence. Thought provoking in a way that makes it seem almost not even true. “Extremes” are often used by individuals to gain a certain high of adrenaline by jumping out of an airplane or to conquer a fear that which one might have, say such of snakes, so to conquer this fear one must be exposed to “extreme” amount of snakes. To be “extreme” is to be in abundance of an object, a belief, or an action while at the same time it could be just the furthest thing away from abundance.

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