Research Process

Process Post 1:

I chose to take sources from the Rollins athletic site:,because all of the information about the tars achievements are posted there. This site is a great source to find any information about the tars. All teams,upcoming events and results are to find here. It is also a very easy site to use. All is very clear and will convince you to find out more about everything Rollins athletics has to offer.
I will not only be posting about the achievements,my goal is to show what it’s like to be a tar and show why incoming students should definitely consider joining a team at Rollins. By showing some of the achievements from 2016 I wanted to give an example of why it is definitely worth trying out for a team.
I didn’t have any trouble finding my information because I knew this site would have everything that I needed for these posts. When I’ll go more in dept for the next posts, I might want to dig a little deeper than the main Rollins sports page.


As I started to search for topics dealing with Athletics here at Rollins, I became intrigued in process of studying abroad since 1, every collegiate sport requires year long training and playing and 2,  i am athlete who wishes to study abroad sometime before I graduate. But as I asked some upper class-men on the baseball team, I came to the quick conclusion they had neither studied abroad nor even considered studying abroad due to their necessity of being at the field. On top of that, I couldn’t find a single Rollins source for studying abroad. Just like that I was beginning to lose faith in my topic and in my future of studying abroad. That is however until I contacted Prof Littler, to which she informed me that I can use outside sources to pursue my passion. With this gateway opened, I came to realize that there are actually programs specifically designed for athletes that wish to study and continuing playing their sport overseas! Now I’m back on track and I’m writing about what I actually want to write about, Shit is Good.


I chose to look into the social media of Rollins Sports. To start out with this process, I studied their Facebook page, because I think that it is one the most frequently used sites where all of the information is constantly up to date. This site is a very useful tool for the athletic community to spread the word about all of the events. When writing my paper, I will be able to rhetorically analyze the ways the website creator posted and displayed the information and images to affect the reader and audience. I can also continue on with my search of other forms of social media and advertising which help the athletics gain more acknowledgement around Rollins, Winter Park, and the sports world in general.

– Hannah

I chose to search through the webpage as well as do some research with NCAA regulations. I think that the Rollins Sports page is the best outlet for exploring the “Sports at Rollins” category as it displays news and information for every team on campus. It’s main objective is not only to broadcast the scores and results, but also to promote the teams to fans and future athletes. For that reason I think it is a great resource to study for the Rhetorical Analysis.  With the mission being to attract people for something such as sports there will be a lot of appeal to emotion with things like upsets and big wins; however, there is also the use of logic and credibility through scores and standings. I think this is the best route to finding a good article to write about for the Rhetorical Analyses.


Process Post 2:

To continue my search on how arguments are posed all around us about sports at Rollins, I looked into articles on Since I am on the women’s lacrosse team, I was interested in doing my next essay on an article that was posted about the team. I came across an exciting article posted after their win against West Chester University this past season in the NCAA first round. This article stood out to me because I think that the author did a good job using many different appeals that helped the overall effectiveness of the article. Since it is a sports game, there is a lot of logos being used in the article, as well as pathos with the emotion from the game. The ethos comes from the credibility of the Rollins sports website and the college as a whole. This article should pose a lot of rhetorical appeals that can be analyzed in depth.


I recalled from the first day moving on to campus that our girls golf team just won the NCAA championship last year. This inspired me to look up an article that explained the journey of our girls golf team and their success through this adventure. I found a very useful source by a Rollins reporter on Rollins360. However, this talk of a NCAA championship got me thinking, all of these college teams are working to be NCAA champions but what for? Of course it’s nice to have the bragging rights of an enormous championship ring on your finger but are there actually benefits that come to the students or the school. So I looked up “how NCAA championships impact colleges” and was answered quite clearly.

-Colin Kelly

When searching for an article this time, I wanted to find something that was not directly related to Rollins to get a different perspective on how it ties into the school. My first article’s main goal was to promote Rollins Athletics while this article has a much more neutral stance, so it is not as easy to find what is being argued by the author. Looking at something with as much controversy as the topic of paying collegiate athletes, you are almost guaranteed to find some strong views. The inclusion of statements from NCAA president, Mark Emmert, obviously puts a emphasis on the NCAA’s opinions of the topic, especially since there were no statements from any other side in the article. Using the monetary values that some athletes receive is another way that the author draws me emotion into the article and gives the reader a look into how they should feel about the subject.

-Garrett Leonard

Process post 3:

I went to Olin’s library to find my third source. My article is a peer reviewed article written in 2004. When using the advances search that is available to all Rollins students on the Olin library website, I was first struggling to find any articles because I wasn’t using the advanced search the way that I should. I couldn’t find any articles relating to my topic because I was plugging in the wrong key words. When Dr Littler helped me finding the right key wordt that would give me a successful outcome I found some interesting articles reflecting my topic. Using the “peer reviewed articles” option, I knew the article that I was using was an article that I could trust and would have no problem using. I really thought that this site is helpful finding advanced research instead of always relying on Rollins sports site.

-Marie Debruyn