The following article describes how the NCAA enforces drug tests upon the notoriously good college, Notre Dame. The article discusses how athletes consuming simple protein supplements can be deemed ineligible to play. In my eyes, this is incredibly unjust because all an athlete is trying to do is get better for the team. But instead of doing this, due to National Collegiate Athletic Association, athletes who are just trying to maximize their lifts and workouts are also being banned for 3 months and above. This would apply to a normal college, but for Notre Dame however, getting caught on your first offense results in 2 seasons of suspension from that sport. That is just the first offense! The next offense results in a 720-day banishment. Right there a student athlete could be banished for three entire years, freshman to junior or sophomore to senior year. That is absolutely insane when it comes to dealing with sports, if an athlete has dedicated his or herself to a sport for their entire life, they certainly should not be crucified if they get caught making a single mistake in college, where may students make the

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