The following source written by Allie Grasgreen paints the history of NCAA drug tests, considering the initial reactions to the tests, the initial intentions of the tests, and were both of those have come since their creation. According to this source, the tests were first enforced in 1986 and would only test for Performance Enhancing drugs. Since then, in 2009, a poll found that 92 to 96 percent of colleges hold random drug tests. In 1990, the NCAA made it mandatory for all Division 1 and division 2 schools to do testing at least once a year. Since then, over 13,500 drug test samples are taken nationwide. What is very interesting is that although almost all colleges are enforcing random testing due to this movement. Ramogi Huma, the president of the NCAA, responded to random drug tests by calling them invasive and “overreach” when they mandate testing. The testing was developed to ensure that students aren’t doing illegal things, but has turned into a scape goat for seeing what people are doing. But on the contrary of all of this, the testing has made significant gains in reducing the number of positive drug tests. But still, the NCAA president argued “you don’t see schools testing their non-athlete students to keep their scholarships.”

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