“FACILITIES: JUST HOW IMPORTANT ARE THEY TO YOUR RECRUITS?” Tudor College Strategies. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2016.

Many aspects of the college life are very important to any recruit interested in a school, but one of the most important and eye-catching are the athletic facilities. As an athlete interested in schools with big time sports, most teenagers are captivated by the gear, facilities, locker rooms, and playing fields. If one school shows better in this area than another, then the athlete will pick the school with better facilities to offer. The intention of modernizing athletic facilities is to attract these better recruits to become more competitive on the national level. At Rollins, some of the sports teams do not have locker rooms or adequate team space, which does not show well for some prospective athletes who are looking at other schools with lots of facilities to show. This article will help to prove my essay and how facilities are a key factor to success.

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