This article discusses the research done by a baseball organization known as Driveline Baseball. This company was started by Kyle Boddy to provide the world of baseball with a scientifically backed program for baseball, specifically pitching. Through the use of testing, research analysis, and scientific methods, driveline baseball has created multiple programs to help its athletes. In this particular research investigation, they used the OmegaWave to gain metrics that establish the athletes ability to workout. By using this machine, the various tests could indicate to the trainers that an athlete needs to wait an extra day before throwing at high intensity because his/her body is simply  not ready for the workload. The results of this experiment showed that when athletes tested on the lower end of the Omega wave scale they did not perform as well as they typically do. I believe that I could use this article to help give some ideas to the Athletic Board of potential recovery equipment that could be added.

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