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From High School to College

From high school to college, is it really different? Or is it really just the same? This article mainly focuses on finding your road map that will guide you through your classes and college life. It talks about the importance of not rushing into everything because you are excited. The article suggest that things might make more sense after you have had a feel for the people and the environment. The article also talks about taking FULL advantage of the free thing at your hands. It expresses the importance of how it will help you adapt to your new space and it offers support from the college. The author talks about maybe find a club that you can get involved or one you think you may like. Borgman says “In addition to socializing according to your interests, pretend to be interested in other people”. This kind of reminds me of the catch phrase “fake it until you make it”. I do not know how health that is to say when transitioning into college because you don’t want to pretend to be someone or do something that doesn’t make you happy.

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Making the Leap to College

This article says something that really puts things into perspective for me. It says “getting into college was supposed to be the hard part”. I have never thought that until I read this article in full. This article talks about some pretty heavy topics. For example, it talks about how parents keep holding on and how they don’t let their child grow and discover their own independence. I think this is important to talk about because if a parent holds on to their child so much without giving them room to find their way, is that really helping them prepare for success? I understand that parents want to help and they want their kids to depend on them, but college is about growth, education and a time for teens to mature. Another thing that this article talks about is stress, depression and other mental issues that can become a road blocker for some or all students. This article encourages students to take advantage of counseling services as soon as they start to feel overwhelmed. To tie the article all together at the end there is a long list of helpful hints for any student but especially a first-year student.



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Anxiety of Transitioning to College Life

In this next article, the author discusses the importance of using the resources that the college and university provides to the students all year around. The things that the author mentions in this article are very helpful to all students especially freshmen. I believe that freshmen are there target audience because it talks about all the stressful things a freshman may encounter. For example, living in a dorm, living with a roommate, signing up for clubs all while trying to maintain good grades and all the homework that comes along with it. All these things can see stressful and overwhelming to a freshman in a new environment. Most of these things might even create a great level of anxiety.  The article goes on to provide the readers with 8 outstanding helpful tips. My favorite tip from the whole article was the number 1 tip. Which is labeled self-care.


I felt like this article spoke to me in more ways than one. Everything that I read I could relate too! It also gave me a sense of relief. I have a strong feeling that this article will help me with paper three because it relates to many things that Rollins College has to offer.



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Final Process Post

The end of the semester is coming to an end. I believe we only have about a good 20 or so days left. In classed we have started to discuss our final paper, paper three. In doing so, we actually spent class in the library on Wednesday, down in the archives. When I first walked in, I thought that it was pointless down there and how in the world is it going to be beneficial to me or my paper. However, when I sat down and opened my mind, I got to see all the really cool things that the archive can offer. So much stuff that I didn’t know about. I actually plan on going back to look at a few other things and maybe use a source for my final paper. Looking back on where I started in this class and taking a look at my mission statement, I have to say that I have come a long way. I don’t think that I am where I would like to be and I am okay with that. Because, it means that I will always be striving to reach my goals and with doing so, I will keep practicing and I will continue to gain new knowledge. Writing About Rollins, with Dr. Littler has been a great learning experience.

-Kalese Justice

Managing the Transition

“Research has shown that optimism plays an important role in adaptation to new educational environments”. For the most part this sentence sums up the 20 page article. I classify this article as little different than the ones I have read in the past. Of course, it talks about how first year students who transition into college will come into contact with many levels of stress and things that will seem familiar to them but now, it is presented to them on a bigger scale. This article also talks about mental health and how first-year students struggles to find a balance between all their studies, adjusting to college and trying to find a social life. This article goes on to talk about test that they held at a college and the results. The test varied from levels of optimism mixed with different levels of stress and anxiety. I found the test to not only be informal and helpful but it also made me think to open my eyes and look for what people are not saying. They might be very positive. However, they might still be carrying a lot of stress or anxiety on their back. I think that this was a great article and I am happy to have another new perspective.


Mergler, Amanda, and Peter Bowman. “Article Managing the Transition: The Role of Optimism and …” ResearchGate. N.p., June 2013. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.

New Way of Transitioning

This article talks about the transition into high school but more specifically it focuses on the vast level of education change. It talks about how students come into college without the proper skills for the class room setting. When transitioning into university there are often many emotions and or actions that students go through. This article talks about the preparation students can take and the effectiveness of programs in place to help them transition into college that are within the college. It talks more about how to use the college as a resource for all the things that you need or will need during the semester. The thing that I found different about this article that was not included in the other article was the fact that suggested taking on a small job on the side to help build responsibility.

This article has helped me think about things that would be great to include in my on-going writing about my current topic.


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Making the Mental Transition into College

Often times when teenagers think about college they think shorter classes/ days and no more restrictions. In the article second paragraph it says “college comes with a new found level of freedom, but that also means a degree of responsibility.” Freedom is a word that holds a lot of power and when people come to college all that power is now put into tcollege-vs-hsheir hands weather they realize it or not. Therefore, being able to make a choice to go to class instead of being told you have to go to class now becomes something that you as a college student has control of. This sort of responsibility comes with choices. With these choices you will have repercussions and in the end it is all up to you how you want them to turn out. With this kind of pressure put on someone transitioning into college for the first time, it can be a lot to deal with. This is why you have to be mentally prepared as well physical. The change will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

This article has helped me think about things that would be great to include in my on-going writing about my current topic. I admire how although transition into college is a big area in my life, I also want to acknowledge that transition happens at every state of our life. It is something that helps us grow and sometimes we do not even realize it. With transition we can safely say that we are all endlessly creating ourselves., By. “Making the Mental Transition from High School to College | My College Guide.” My College Guide Making the Mental Transition from High School to College Comments. College Guide, 01 May 2016. Web. 25 Sept. 2016. <>.