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What to do and what not to do. Mostly what not to do.

On our visit to the archives I found a book tilted Freshman’s Don’t Book. This book is from 1935. It consists of 15 pages of tips and suggestions about the “right” and “wrong” things to do as a freshman at Rollins College. While reading this book, I found more “don’ts” than do’s. Two out of the many that really stuck out to me were “Don’t talk too much are too loudly when you arrive. The upperclassmen do not seem to appreciate it and the rest of the new arrivals may decide you are a Jonah” and the other one” Don’t forget you are expected to dress for dinner each evening and for Sunday dinner. A proper atmosphere is essential to pleasant, wholesome dining. Act as if you were accustomed to dining out”. When I first read the book, I thought it was a joke and then I did some more research and I found out that this helpful hand guide was a real thing back in 1935. I thought to myself, if I had to abide by these rules, I don’t know if I would have enjoyed college like I am enjoying it now. It was crazy to read what was expected of you and what not to do back then. Things have changed tremendously.


Davis, Milford J. Freshman’s Don’t Book Rollins College. Winter Park: Joint Auspices of ODK and LIBRA, 1935. Print.

Final Process Post

The end of the semester is coming to an end. I believe we only have about a good 20 or so days left. In classed we have started to discuss our final paper, paper three. In doing so, we actually spent class in the library on Wednesday, down in the archives. When I first walked in, I thought that it was pointless down there and how in the world is it going to be beneficial to me or my paper. However, when I sat down and opened my mind, I got to see all the really cool things that the archive can offer. So much stuff that I didn’t know about. I actually plan on going back to look at a few other things and maybe use a source for my final paper. Looking back on where I started in this class and taking a look at my mission statement, I have to say that I have come a long way. I don’t think that I am where I would like to be and I am okay with that. Because, it means that I will always be striving to reach my goals and with doing so, I will keep practicing and I will continue to gain new knowledge. Writing About Rollins, with Dr. Littler has been a great learning experience.

-Kalese Justice

New Update!

We are now approaching our 11th week of school and things are going great in the classroom. We are now writing our final draft of paper two and this is our 5th process post. Right off the back the thing that I have been struggling with is understanding the assignment for paper two. However, I will say the thing that has helped me the most is having our blog to fall back on for sources. It has saved me a lot of time and I was able to re-read my sources and gain new understanding and meaning of each source. In addition, I found that my sources all relate to each other and have a common point. Now that I have a path, I think that it is a little more changeling to find new sources that can coexist with my previous sources so that I may use them for paper 3. Although, it takes more work, I know how to do an advance search on the Rollins web site which will help me find my sources in great detail. I am thinking of maybe finding a book or something other than an article. Especially since I can be so specific on what I am looking for in each one of my new sources.


By: Kalese Justice

New Update!

This week has been a very short week for the whole college. Most people would have thought that it was nice and easy. However, for me I felt like things were out of order and unbalanced, especially with the new changes in our group. On the bring side of things, this week in class we went over a sample of what our final paper for paper 2 should look like. I was very relieved when I find out that the paper was not what I thought it was going to be. I believe now that I have seen what the final product is supposed to look like, I will be able to relate my sources to my paper. I feel more confident now that I understand how to write paper 2.

Something that I really appreciate is keeping all of our research in one place on this blog. It makes it easy to refer back to and I like how we have to write about it. For future research projects, I think will be a good idea or something similar. It just keeps things neat and makes it easy for when I need to access to it.  I have to admit I am nervous for our final project at the end, but I think that it will all come together.


By: Kalese Justice

Process Update

We are now into our 8th week of classes and this is our 3rd process post. So far things have been pretty good. This past week in class, we have been discussing different types of sources that we should start searching for to use in our next paper, as well as our final paper. One of the new sources that I learned about is called a scholarly source. A scholarly source is a written text that has been published by an author or an expert. For example, books, articles, newspapers or magazines. I learned that I can not only find these sources in a library but I can use our college online library as a huge resource. In class we went into more detail and talked about how our online library can help us find the things we need and more just as long as we are patience and really put in the time and effort.

I feel that things are going pretty swell. However, I am still feeling overwhelmed. Things are running together and I feel that I do not have a handle on some of them and then I stop and take a minute and realize that I am on top my classes. I think I just make myself anxious about doing things the right way. All in all, I am managing and I think I am on the right path.


By: Kalese Justice

Something New To Me

As a first year student who attended virtual school online, I have not had to work in a group for a grade. I have always been used to working alone and completing my work at my own paste.  Therefore, when this semester long project was presented to me in class, I did feel lots of pressure and stress. Pressure about if my work and or writing is good or will it be good enough to meet the standards of my professor. As I search for different sources I struggle to find good ones. I don’t want them to just be someone’s option of what it is like to transition from high school to college. I would like to find sources that people can not only relate too but that people use on a daily basis. I think I am getting the hang of finding sources online. However, my step will be to look in books, newspapers and magazines to find more articles.

One thing that I have noticed since I have been reading the different articles that I have come across is that I am going through a lot of what they are explaining. I personally feel that transition into a new place is difficult and different for everyone. However, at some point everyone must experience the stress and anxiety of a new place, new people and new environment.

Just the Beginning

As a student who has already received lectures on finding peer-reviewed sources and has visited the library’s research consultant, I was not too intimidated by the involvement of research in the first major assignment of the course. In fact, I found myself overwhelmed by the wide array of resources available relating to my chosen topic, substance abuse in college. Upon beginning my research, however, I nearly forgot to look at popular sources such as videos, magazines, and other articles that would not be considered appropriate in many other assignments requiring research. It has been ingrained in my head that these kinds of sources are not acceptable, therefore I didn’t think to look at them. Even though there were a number of peer-reviewed scholarly sources on my topic, I found it refreshing to remind myself to explore all aspects of the issue rather than only scholarly journals and papers.

My main concern at this moment in the research process is staying organized. I tend to easily get overwhelmed when I have a lot of sources to sift through, especially when I am unclear which sources will be useful and which will not. I am already trying to decide what I want the argument of my final paper to be so that I know which sources I should and should not save. However, this method is not effective when constructing an argument because it is important to acknowledge all aspects of an argument before choosing your own stance. For now, the application Mendeley has helped me remain organized as the volume of sources I gather increases.