This article says something that really puts things into perspective for me. It says “getting into college was supposed to be the hard part”. I have never thought that until I read this article in full. This article talks about some pretty heavy topics. For example, it talks about how parents keep holding on and how they don’t let their child grow and discover their own independence. I think this is important to talk about because if a parent holds on to their child so much without giving them room to find their way, is that really helping them prepare for success? I understand that parents want to help and they want their kids to depend on them, but college is about growth, education and a time for teens to mature. Another thing that this article talks about is stress, depression and other mental issues that can become a road blocker for some or all students. This article encourages students to take advantage of counseling services as soon as they start to feel overwhelmed. To tie the article all together at the end there is a long list of helpful hints for any student but especially a first-year student.



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