From high school to college, is it really different? Or is it really just the same? This article mainly focuses on finding your road map that will guide you through your classes and college life. It talks about the importance of not rushing into everything because you are excited. The article suggest that things might make more sense after you have had a feel for the people and the environment. The article also talks about taking FULL advantage of the free thing at your hands. It expresses the importance of how it will help you adapt to your new space and it offers support from the college. The author talks about maybe find a club that you can get involved or one you think you may like. Borgman says “In addition to socializing according to your interests, pretend to be interested in other people”. This kind of reminds me of the catch phrase “fake it until you make it”. I do not know how health that is to say when transitioning into college because you don’t want to pretend to be someone or do something that doesn’t make you happy.

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