The end of the semester is coming to an end. I believe we only have about a good 20 or so days left. In classed we have started to discuss our final paper, paper three. In doing so, we actually spent class in the library on Wednesday, down in the archives. When I first walked in, I thought that it was pointless down there and how in the world is it going to be beneficial to me or my paper. However, when I sat down and opened my mind, I got to see all the really cool things that the archive can offer. So much stuff that I didn’t know about. I actually plan on going back to look at a few other things and maybe use a source for my final paper. Looking back on where I started in this class and taking a look at my mission statement, I have to say that I have come a long way. I don’t think that I am where I would like to be and I am okay with that. Because, it means that I will always be striving to reach my goals and with doing so, I will keep practicing and I will continue to gain new knowledge. Writing About Rollins, with Dr. Littler has been a great learning experience.

-Kalese Justice