In this next article, the author discusses the importance of using the resources that the college and university provides to the students all year around. The things that the author mentions in this article are very helpful to all students especially freshmen. I believe that freshmen are there target audience because it talks about all the stressful things a freshman may encounter. For example, living in a dorm, living with a roommate, signing up for clubs all while trying to maintain good grades and all the homework that comes along with it. All these things can see stressful and overwhelming to a freshman in a new environment. Most of these things might even create a great level of anxiety.  The article goes on to provide the readers with 8 outstanding helpful tips. My favorite tip from the whole article was the number 1 tip. Which is labeled self-care.


I felt like this article spoke to me in more ways than one. Everything that I read I could relate too! It also gave me a sense of relief. I have a strong feeling that this article will help me with paper three because it relates to many things that Rollins College has to offer.



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