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For my final paper, since the topic Gender and Sexuality is so wide, I have decided to talk about one main important issue that is relevant in society today; feminism. In the past, I have posted many articles about feminism, what it means, how people view it, where it is found, and how one identifies as one. For this paper, I have decided to research more on the negative views of feminism instead of what it does for the world. Throughout my research process for all the other papers, I have picked out a few recurring themes and finally found one that would be worth talking about. Since this paper has to be connected to Rollins in a way, I thought that my thesis should include the fact that women do not identify themselves as feminists in college because men view them negatively. This is very relevant to Rollins as well because there have been many cases where girls I am friends with have decided feminism is not something they are even though they believe in everything a feminist says. The way feminism has been viewed for centuries has made it seem that it is a bad thing to identify as one. However, what feminists try to do is progress the world in a way in which women and men become equal. Thus, hopefully, my research consultation and my own process help me find relevant articles that I can use for this paper.

Raeshma Bedi

This week I had some productive help finding sources.  I had my research consultation with Erin, which was helpful for finding some new ways of phrasing the topics I am looking at, which has helped me find a wider variety of sources.  She helped me find the source on self-sexualizing, and also reminded me that I can look in some of my sources citations, to see if any of those sources would also be a good match.  I also posted a source from the Rollins Archives, which was really interesting.  I really enjoyed going and seeing a lot of the information that has been kept throughout the years at Rollins.  I am a huge history nerd, so I loved getting to see everything that has contributed to how Rollins has become what it is today.  I hope to continue on this path of information.  My topic has developed to involve more than one social issue, because in my mind the issues connect so I hope to find some good sources that I can easily connect the issues of sexual objectification, and the issue of rape culture.

Grace MacLeod

I surprisingly went with a different route when finding my articles. I was stuck on trying to find something interesting that I have not tried Googling before. I decided to look at my topic at a different angle. I thought of what college students do that can bring extra stress to their lives. I immediately thought of lack of sleep. I then went to Google and instantly found two great articles that I could use for my research. For my last article I looked at what could improve for the student-athlete, another topic of mine. I decided to research paying student-athletes and whether it should happen or not. I found that it could be beneficial to pay athletes while in college. I was able to look at my topics at a different angle and find great new information.

-Luiggi Reno


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