Stress to Sleep

gi_sleepvstress-jpgFor years our parents have told us to get to bed early for a good night’s sleep. We all know the eight hours a night rule that has been engrained in our thinking. It is safe to say that our parents were right. Eight hours of sleep is something that we should strive for every night. Not receiving adequate sleep hinders brain development and the process of neural pathway strengthening. It is found that less than 10 percent of students receive eight or more hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can also cause health issues such as depression and headaches. These symptoms could make a hard day even worse. Sleep in college is hard to come by but not impossible. Distractions are the biggest thing that takes away from sleep. In order to eliminate distractions, try avoiding being on your phone, laptop, or any other piece of technology before going to bed. The classic five more minutes on your phone can turn into hours if not careful. Hours that could have been spent sleeping. Adequate sleep can help you get through your day with a clear and focused mind.

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