“Sexualizing the Self”

Smolak, Linda, Sarah K. Murnen, and Taryn A. Myers. “Sexualizing the Self.” Psychology of Women Quarterly 3rd ser. 38 (2014): 379-97. Sage Journals. Web. 11 Nov. 2016. <http://pwq.sagepub.com/content/38/3/379>.

In this article, Smolak and her colleagues conducted a study to try and analyze the similarities and differences between males and females in the act of self-sexualizing.  They discovered concrete support for the existence of self-sexualizing of women, but not of men.  They also got very specific and consistent results from the trial, showing that women often are subject to self-sexualization, but they got no evidence of men self-sexualizing, or very few cases.  From this they conclude that self-sexualizing is less prevalent and less meaningful in men’s lives.  They also draw connections between one’s self-sexualizing, and the sexual objectification of someone. They have concluded this through a series of tests, tested the students of two small liberal arts colleges.   This article was interesting because it deals with the issue of a sexualized culture, in addition to how women are sexually objectified.  These tests were also conducted in small liberal arts schools, which is much like Rollins which could transfer some of the thoughts to our campus.  I think that this article will be one that I can fairly easily draw conclusions and connections with.

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