“Rules and Regulations”

“Rules and Regulations.” 1961-1962.  College Policy Manuscripts.  Rules and Regulations Handbook.  Rollins College Archives, Rollins College. http://archives.rollins.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/students/id/358/rec/4

This piece is from our day in the Rollins College Archives.  There was so much valuable information, but this one really popped out to me.  This is a rules and regulations book from, what the archivists estimate, around 1961-1962.  It has all the rules for men, women, and general rules.  I found this interesting because of the types of rules that the college used to have, and the huge difference between the rules for men, and the rules for women.  In the book, men had one page front and back of rules that only applied to them.  Women had about 6 front and back.  Just the difference in number shows the sexism of the college back then.  The women had a full page front about dressing and how to dress when, where as men had a third of a page.  Men had three sections of rules; personal conduct, dormitory regulations, and dress.  Women had four major sections, with a total of 16 subsections under the four main sections.  Some of these rules are understandable for living in a shared space, but the majority of them are rules just for being a woman.

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