Pay The Student-Athlete?

2274738_origIt is no secret that college is expensive. It is also no secret that colleges and universities also make millions off of their athletic programs. College student-athletes are fed up with universities, essentially, making millions off of an athlete’s talent. College is stressful and adding a very competitive component in that of athletics makes college even more stressful. Being a college athlete is a job. You are expected to show up to every practice as well as perform at a high level in every competition. If one’s performance is not adequate you could lose your spot on the athletic roster. This type of pressure only fuels the argument on why student-athletes should get paid for their talents. Student-athletes are doing a service that goes far beyond representing their respective schools. They are huge markets for college sports in which universities can make millions of dollars off of a single player. To put it in perspective, the NCAA is a $6 billion dollar a year business. The athlete might receive a scholarship but not adequate reimbursement for how much money is being generated for the school. Student-athletes are put under a tremendous amount of stress, a little compensation will not hurt the student-athlete nor hurt the college in the end.

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